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by Dr. A. Minocha, M.D.; FACP; FACG

Available At Amazon. com and Barnes & Noble

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Foreword by Dr. Richter (Cleveland Clinic)

 About Dr. Minocha's Book

Gastroenterology is a rapidly evolving medical sub-specialty, which utilizes many tests including the history and physical examination, blood studies, endoscopy, x-rays, tissue biopsies, and physiological tests. Traditional textbooks on the subject are usually two to three volumes and weigh up to ten to fifteen pounds. Dr. Anil Minocha is to be congratulated for distilling the essence of the clinical practice of gastroenterology into a four-by-six inch pocket book entitled Minocha's Guide to Digestive Diseases (author: Dr. A. Minocha, M.D.)

This book covers all the ABCs of clinical gastroenterology from the history and physical exam, the use of diagnostic tests, and the pharmacology of commonly used drugs to a good review of common and sometimes unusual GI diseases. His first book was a success and the second is even better. There are new sections including an extensive section on nutrition, both TPN and enteral, drug-induced liver diseases, chronic pancreatitis, and nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. The section on drugs is extremely up to date with discussions on the newest proton pump inhibitors, COX-2 inhibitors, neostigmine in acute colonic pseudoobstruction, and ribavirin for hepatitis C infection. 

Finally, this "pocket jewel" has some pearls of wisdom not found in the traditional textbooks. Enjoy reading the section on, "Common Mistakes and Myths"--it may save you from several embarrassing situations. 

This pocket textbook is not a substitute for the traditional texts in gastroenterology, reading in journals, and the knowledge and experience of your senior physician attendees. However, it is filled with helpful readily available facts which can save you time and improve your patient care. Put it in the pocket of your white coat, use it, and best of all--the price is right.

Joel E. Richter, M.D., F.A.C.G., Chairman and Professor 

Department of Gastroenterology            

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Cleveland, Ohio.


Guide to Digestive Diseases 2000" is a practical yet concise book targeted at primary care physicians. The book has a foreword by Joel Richter, M.D., Chairman of Gastroenterology at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH. 

For lay people, this hand book by a physician for the physicians, provides a cheap way to get an overview and feel of digestive knowledge and gain control of their digestive health. 

Have you ever gone to your doctor's office anxious and wondering what the possibilities are and what your physician is likely to do in such situation? Have you ever returned from your doctor's office wondering why the doctor has ordered certain tests and prescriptions? Or why your medication was prescribed and what are its side-effects or contraindications.

This guide offers chapters on gastrointestinal laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures (colonoscopy etc.), commonly used drugs, nutrition, common approaches to gastrointestinal syndromes (vomiting, abdominal pain, bleeding, diarrhea, constipation etc.), as well as common diseases (ulcers, GERD, H. pylori, lactose intolerance, viral hepatitis, gallstones, pancreatitis, diverticulitis, IBS, colon polyps, hemorrhoids/fissure, liver diseases of pregnancy etc). 

You need and want to know about possible problems with your body, how these problems can be diagnosed and, above all, what to do about them. Guide to Digestive Diseases 2000 (author; Dr. A. Minocha) provides this up to date information. 



by Dr. A. Minocha, M.D.; FACP; FACG

Available At Amazon. com and Barnes & Noble

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