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Asbestos Cancer

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Asbestos Cancer - Asbestosis

Simply put, asbestosis is a breathing disorder caused by inhaling high levels of asbestos. The accumulation of these fibers in the lungs causes scarring of lung tissue and makes it difficult to breathe.

It often takes years of exposure for asbestosis to surface but it can quickly worsen, especially if exposure continues.

Who Gets Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is almost always job-related and many of the victims are older individuals who were exposed to asbestos at work before the United States began to regulate its use in the mid-1970s. This naturally-mined material was used extensively in the construction and manufacturing businesses, especially as pipe insulation, in fire-retardant materials, as floor and ceiling tiles, and in brake and clutch linings.

Those at the highest risk for developing the disorder probably worked with asbestos or asbestos-containing products on a daily basis for at least 8 to 10 years. Miners may develop the disorder in less time.



When damage and scarring caused by inhaled asbestos fibers lead to stiffness in your lung tissue so that your lungs can't contract and expand normally, you will start experience symptoms of the disorder, which may include:

Shortness of breath , Decreased tolerance for physical activity , Coughing , Chest pain
Finger clubbing, in some cases


When considering a diagnosis of asbestosis, your doctor will probably inquire as to your exposure to asbestos. He/she may also ask whether any fellow employees have been affected by the disease. Your doctor may then order tests to confirm the diagnosis, including pulmonary function tests, CT scans, and chest x-rays.


The affects of asbestosis cannot be reversed but progression can be halted and symptoms treated. Above all us, further exposure to the toxic material should be eliminated. If you smoke, it’s necessary to stop immediately.

Doctors may also treat you with medications that expand or relax blood vessels, and/or blood-thinners that prevent blood clots from forming and obstructing narrowed vessels.



This is meant to be an informational exercise and NOT a medical consultation. Your doctor is the only one who can best assess your situation and offer you medical advice. More information and resources concerning lawsuits, asbestos claims and asbestos compensation may be available at the resources in column to the right of this article

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