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Tiny blisters deep under the skin on hands, fingertips, and around knuckles

From: [email protected]
Date: 30 Sep 2005
Time: 02:40:38
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Hi my name is Steve. I read your e-mail while searching for more advice on my skin condition. Once when I was about 18 years of age I had the same thing happen to me. My hands started to itch and very small blisters that I could barely see started forming deep under the skin. Eventualy in some areas of my hands mostly on the sides of my finger the blisters would come together and form a large blister that would eventualy cause sores that resembled open sores or look like a burn. The skin would be dry and flakey as well. The doctor gave me a steroid shot and some steriod cream. After a few weeks I got it under control. The doctor said it was maybe an allergic reaction to chemicals. He was wrong. Once about a year later the same thing happen. I went to a different doctor and had to come back later because he didn't know much. He ended up doing the same thing. He gave me a shot of steriods gave me some steriod cream and sent me on my way. 11 years later and I'm attacked by the same plague again. This time it was real bad. I went to two different doctors and they both came to the same conclusion. What I was suffering from is whats called DYSHIDROSIS. Not and allergic reaction from anything, although once you have a break out chemicals, dry erase markers, carbon copy paper, to much soap and water, fruits especially high in citris acids, and some vegatables will cause it to worsen if you come in contact with them. The problem is due to STRESS! The last time I had a break out I exuasted money on steriod shots, steriod creams, and oral steriod until it became to much of a health risk to continue. One treatment I could have taken that would have been safer was a special type light treatment that would cost me thousands of dollars. The budget way to acomplish this is by going to a tanning bed. Can you believe that? The skin doctors office has to charge rediculious amount of money to turn these expensive light beds on. Although the doctors light beds are a little more effective at a faster pace it's not thousands of dollars worth it. A tanning bed still works just takes a little longer to see the results. They also sell a home version that looks like a florecent UV light wand that you can use at home. This piece of equipment is way to expensive for me also. Other things to control your break out include wearing gloves while doing dishes or using chemicals. Here is the part where I tell you something in confidence. Last time the medications couldn't get it under control. These medications have a lot of side affects and the doctors who know what there dealing with will not let you stay on them for more than a month. And there is plenty of good reasons why. One of my doctor plus a new doctor I just started seeing lately both told me a suprising fact that I couldn't believe. They both told me I had one alternative left and because it is illegal they couldn't help me. Can you guess? Marajuana. I was suprised to. It took me about 3 more months of pain, my fingers being bandaged up like a mummy and lots of time in prayer to decide to make the journey. This was a very hard decision that I didn't know if I could make. I finally gave up tried it and felt bad about it but my hands started clearing up within 2 days. After a week I was taking my bandages off. This is after just one use. After 1 more month I still had a few spots on my hand that were still there but not as bad. I smoked one more time and the same thing happend withing 2 days my hands started getting better until I could hardley tell there had been anything wrong with my hands. Over the last 2 years I have resorted to this only 3 times. I have also been told if you live in California a doctor will perscribe this to you for this type of condition. good luck I wish you well!

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