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Rare Cortisol Memory loss

From: aart kapoor
Date: 22 Aug 2003
Time: 08:13:01
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Hello My brother (35) suffers from rare acute memory loss. Had been under extreme continuous stress phases viz. his wife's death, buissness betrayals, severe OCD phases, pelvic replacement surgery etc. Has a history of neurosis, depression & childhood abuse. His OCD for 2 yrs.too very acute, always keeping him in over limit tension/emergency state. Cortisol levels tested to be 3-4 times higher over last 3 yrs.MRI shows some hippocampus atrophy. As per docs he suffers from permanent memory loss due to high cortisol pts. for prolonged periods.Can't manage/coordinate things with no memory consolidation. Now out of stress/high cortisol for last 8 months, still memory degrading. Plz. help/advice reg.: a) Accurate test to confirm the type/extent of damage & is it reversible still? b) Best approaches/therapies to deal with it? c) Advice on anything like Alt. Medicine,RU-486,PS,Neuralube, Linoleic acid, GABA, Huperzine, Memorin+, Lecithin granules,Accupunture, Deep Brain Simulation, fMRI

Well infact I too have researched a lot on memory loss and if I can help anyone, u r most welcome to write me..PLZ. COMMUNICATE THRU MY PERSONAL EMAIL( [email protected])

Thanks Have a nice time ahead …….Bye……….ARTI KAPOOR

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