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hpv, abnormal pap, atypical cells, cancer?

From: Devin'sMomma
Date: 12/13/2006
Time: 9:30:23 AM
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Okay, not long after I delivered my my first and only child I had an abnormal pap and was informed that I have HPV. My doctor said that I had mild dysplasia and I went through several treatments (colposcopy, burning, and freezing). After several treatments, my next pap was normal. I was supposed to see the doctor every six months. I would have but, I lost my insurance coverage. During this time, I experienced heavy bleeding for like 3 months at a time and went to the clinic and had a pap done. It came back normal as well, but they gave me the pill to regulate the bleeding. I only took it until the pills they gave me were gone (they informed me when I was there that I had to see a regular doctor and get a script from them to continue the pills, but I had no insurance). My bleeding was the same for a while, 3 months straight with huge blood clots, and then no period at all, then back to 3 months or so off and on. I now have insurance and went back for my first pap. It was abnormal again and the doctor said I have atypical cells and she referred me to another doctor. This scares me because it has been a couple years since my last examination. I have polycystic ovarian disease as well, along with watery, foul discharge, and abnormal bleeding still (not three months at a time, mostly no period at all). I have several questions regarding this long paragraph of issued I seem to have because I have looked online for information and I get no real answer. Maybe it is because of the specifics that you need???? Are these symptoms of cancer? What exactly is atypical? and I know the pill is good for regulating but I hear it can be harmful when dealing with precancerous cells, pill or no pill? Do they normally do a partial hysterectomy for this to just be over if I request it? I am now infertile due to the cysts on my ovaries. I am also significantly overweight. I know I am asking alot, but if you can give me any information I would appreciate it. My next appointment with the "new doc" is a month away, and I am scared.

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