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simple Link Exchange

From: balti agentia neagra
Date: 11 Jul 2005
Time: 20:58:39
Remote Name:



- No email reqired.

- No "We will examine your link.." or "After examination..", delayed confirmation !

- My link is TINY - only 4 words.

- this trade is ABSOLUTELY FREE and honest ; No tricks

If you follow the instructions, your link WILL BE POSTED IMEDIATELLY ! here it is: Reciprocal Link Exchange - periodically verifies the reciprocity links Google recently revealed the secrets of its search ranking technology ; The essence is : "Do not repeat the text from your links (exchanged links), change it every time you can!" be honest, If a webmaster accepts to exchange links, is doing it only for ranking reasons. You know very well that nobody is really reading that links.htm , excepting the Search Engines. Having hundreds of links with the same text (the anchor's text...) won't help you because search engines will consider them as SPAM. Exchanged links are good only if the descriptive text is always 30% different. I encourage you to do the same !

Rather than 200 identical exchanged links I prefer having only 20 but unique.

In this way G00gle , Msn etc will score for me.

Every time you get my submission form, the server will generate a new combination of words for the anchor's text

and it will compare it with the one you've really added on your site.

If they don't match the link will be denied.

That's why I kindly ask you to Copy/Paste the entire HTML code, EXACLY as it is in that textbox.

You know already what "Link Exchange" is good for and you also know that the reciprocity is frequently broken.

This system verifies every 6 hours the reciprocity of the links.

A link can be attendance absent max. 24 hours, after that is deleted.

You cannot edit your container-file URL's.

If you moved or renamed that container file in your website, your link from this server will be deleted in 24 hours.

However you can speed up a little by deleting it (existent option) and then add it as new (my HTML code will be different).

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