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Clothing/Odors--Removing odors

From: RN
Date: 01 Apr 2004
Time: 04:25:40
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Since I am in medicine I wear a lot of white and it is very hard to keep clean. Something sooo simple I found about a year ago keeps my white stuff white but better yet, it gets all odors out of your clothes.

Simple vinegar.

When you are washing clothes and you go to put Downy in? Your fabric softener? Don't, pitch the Downy and quit wasting your money. Use 1/2 to one cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle instead. I know I know... if you haven't tried it you are thinking I'm a nutjob and your clothes will smell worse than they do now. Not true. Just try it, wash a towel and use Vinegar for a fabric softener. I double dawg dare you to smell vinegar when you are done drying. You won't, that's a promise.

Vinegar is cheap and it works. It does several things. Your clothes don't last long because they hold the laundry soap. Ever forget to add laundry soap and discover it is sudsy anyway? That's old soap from the other 50 washings. When you use vinegar in the rinse cycle it gets rid of ALL the soap. It makes your clothes brighter, they last longer, they are soft like after using expensive fabric softeners, no static cling, and fresh smelling.

It gets out odors, ALL odors. I promise. White clothes stay really white, colors stay brighter and most important of all, it gets rid of all odors.

Just don't make the mistake of using it in the wash cycle, it kills the soap. Wash with soap and rinse with vinegar. Whites, colors, the works. Wash one thing, a towel or a washcloth, anything. Just try it. You have nothing to lose. Worse case scenario and you have to wash it again. But I promise, you won't smell vinegar.

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