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Re: Ovarian Cyst age 30-40

From: Eve
Date: 24 Mar 2004
Time: 16:25:55
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Thank you so much for your description of symptoms for a ruptured/oozing ovarian cyst! <br> I had a colonoscopy last month and a few days afterwards began feeling 'burning' pain to the right of my belly button. I also became quite bloated in my abdomen. Went back to the proctologist after I also began to experience constant nausea and he thought it might be appendicitis so ordered CT scan. The results were negative for appendicitis but there was a small amount of fluid in the cul de sac (area between vaginal wall and rectum). Pain worsened and nausea did not resolve with Pepcid taken consistently. Actually the pain seemed to sometimes radiate from my right kidney and other times from my groin as well as from the areas around my belly button. I have had kidney stones before and felt I must have a blockage but 2 different urine analysis showed no UTI or blood in urine. A few days after the CT scan another Dr. ordered an ultrasound which found multiple small cysts on the right and left ovaries but also found a significant amount of fluid in the cul de sac. Finally able to see a gynecologist and with the ultrasound as well as description of pain she concluded a ruptured ovarian cyst was the cause of my subsequent pain, bloating, and general discomfort. Evidently this comes from the fluid in my abdomen irritating the organs and lining. <br> To calm the inflammation she prescribed 1800 mg of Motrin/day for the next 2 weeks. I have had a similar episode in the past and didn't know what it could have been and am hopeful that her diagnosis is correct. On reading the previous post I am more confident in the diagnoses of ruptured ovarian cyst. I am still in pain but the nausea seems to have let up. She was not sure why I would be nauseous but maybe the irritation could have done it. My right kidney is still irritated which makes me worry. The recommendation for birth control was also given to me but I have recently read that the new lower-dose formulas do not adequately control the development of problem causing ovarian cysts. I would like to control these episodes however. Are there other remedies out there besides the progesterone cream? <br> Thank You.

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