Gynecology and Related Issues

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Date: 26 Jun 2003
Time: 21:14:38
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Were you already married when this developed? I am not in a relationship, I don't think, that I could ever be in one with this. But I am going to try the Primal Defense and get some vitamans and stuff, and I have already brought some acidophulus, but who knows. Primal defense sounds good. That is sooooooooo awesome that your husband has stood by you through this all, you are a very lucky woman, you have truly been blessed with a man that would stick by you. I mean most people make fun and are cruel about it, I mean lets face when you smell people are not nice, and I guess we all do it or have done it. Americans take time to bath and smell nice, some Americans. I have been talked about, my mom thought it was my underarms even I at one point and time I thought it was my underarms to or that I was not washing well enough. But now I know, it was a man who told me, you stink and then I began to realize that this was a problem. I have gotten so tired of people making fun of me talking about me and thinking that I don't wash or that I don't wash well enough. This mess brings unwanted attention to yourself and then people are pointing, talking, laughing and being cruel throwing things at you, treating you like you are nothing. I don't know, I just feel like if this can happen to me then it can happen to any women. I get tired of being accused of not keeping clean. I wash, all I ever hear is that smell, that smell what is that. Sometimes I hate getting up in the morning, because no matter what I do I know I am going to stink.

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