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Burning, itching, and muscle soreness

From: Joel
Date: 01 Nov 2004
Time: 23:20:47
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For a number of months I have been experiencing burning, itching and soreness on my left upper thigh. There is no skin rash but there seems to be a slight elevation or slight bump under the skin. I have put on ice packs which seem to suppress it for a short period of time, then it returns. I have used heat on the area which again supresses it for a short period of time and then it returns. It seems to be more irritating when I touch or rub the area, so I try not to indulge, however it still remains. Crazy as it seems, when I have applied the cold or heat and have had a few moments of relief, other symptomatic, and supposedly non affiliated lower back pains seem to lessen during the relief period. I do work out and ride bikes for exercise and seem to be in pretty good shape, but this continues to bother me on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I have recently had some medical problems, whichi I don't think are related but I will mention them. High blood pressure, slightly high cholestrol and diagnosed for prostate. I am on daily medication for all but the prostate, and that has been diagnosed in as a beginning stage, possibly wait and watch approach, with highly favorable PSA ratings.

Can anyone help me identify this problem. I understand that I am not suppose to be self-diagnosing and it is not affecting my ability to do normal things, however, it concerns me a great deal. I have no health insurance currently, so it has been difficult setting up a proper appointment to look into the matter. I do get clinical advice but only for basis diagnosis. Thanks in advance.

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