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Clomid 100mg no period negative pregnancy test

From: vickylhunter@hotmail.com
Date: 02 Mar 2004
Time: 14:33:48
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Hi - please help me I am so confused and i don't want to keep bothering my doctor!

I am on my third month of clomid - 1st month 50mg think I had a chemical pregnancy (2 faint positives followed by lots of negatives a few days later - low progesterone on day 21 of 4.9).

2nd month day 21 progesterone was a whopping 102! but we didn't conceive (both had terrible flu!). This month my period came on day 29, and my doctor was very pleased and said it looks like i am now ovulating, he prescribed another 4 months and said i didn't need the 21 day blood test as they knew this was the right dose.

This month i took 100mg again and I am now on day 28, with no spotting or period (last month I spotted for 3 days before full blown period on day 29). I did a pregnancy test this morning with first response early and it was negative.

Is it possible I ovulated later this month, I did have incredible cramps on day 20 which i hoped might be implantation? When do most people ovulate on clomid? I took the tablets from day 2-6 would it be possible to ovulate so late??

I am very confused, any advise would be much appreciated.


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