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Re: anyone know what this is

From: Joker
Date: 17 Feb 2004
Time: 11:14:00
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I've had what sounds like the same thing. It starts with a mild chest pain, in the center of the chest right behind the sternum. It then progresses into my throat and feels like an ice cream freeze. Then, my teeth start aching. These usually last from 30 seconds to 5-6 minutes, and don't seem to be brought on by any one thing I'm doing. I've not really seen a doctor about it, kind of afraid of what they might say. But, I do have some do-it-yourself remedies. When the pain first begins, I stretch my arms over and behind my head, and take long deep breaths, holding it for 5 or seconds before exhaling. I continue this throughout the episode, and while it doesn't make it go away, it does severely lessen the effects, and has even prevented to pain from spreading to my throat and jaw. If you ever find out what it is, please let me know.

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