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Re: lower left quadrant pain

From: atthatgirl2@aol.com
Date: 04 Jun 2003
Time: 02:08:53
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i dont have a clue, only similar probs. any relief yet?? email me at atthatgirl2@aol.com...here's my story: I have been suffering severe Lower Left Quadrant pain in the female organs area for about 1 year. I went to see a Dr. at Cornerstone OB/GYN in Mansfield, OH, who performed a laparoscopy on 5/1, and removed an ovarian cyst. Two weeks later, after contacting his office regularly, I ended up in MedCentral, by EMS due to the severity of the pain, lowgrade fevers, etc. I was admitted (in for 3 days) seen by my doc, and sent home w/ a dx from "his associate" of possible PID. My doc says this CANT be the case because of bloodlabs, and sent me home, 3rd day. Pain and general "yucky feeling" still there. Three days after being home, 2 of the 3 initial incisions were itching, burning really bad (same site as the pain, btw).. so my fiance' took tweezers, to pull off what we assumed to be dead skin. Come to find out, i have these huge white rope sutures in BOTH incisions.. 2 in each....that never dissolved, and were never removed, or even addressed when i was in hosp! I have spoken to 2 docs online, and they both feel that a) initially i had endometriosis and b) now i have adhesions... which these sutures have probably contributed to. I have NOT seen another doc yet.. im just suffering wondering what to do. We just dont feel this is right. I was in the hosp 3 days, 2wks after initial lap. surgery, and NOBODY noticed the sutures, which may be the cause of the problem???!!!!or ovca? my mom died of female cancers.. multiples at 52. yet they wont do a CA125 on me, i dont know why!!!!

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