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Re: Itchy skin

Date: 07 May 2003
Time: 04:50:52
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I'm no doctor - this is my person opinion. Great news for itchy skin. Have your dermatologist test you for dermatographism - very easy test. I developed this condition over every inch of my skin just 2 months ago. I itched everywhere and couldn't stop. I tried everything - NOTHING worked. After a month of constant itching, developing into scratches so deep that scabs were forming - I went to my dermatologist. He diagnosed me within minutes - dermatographism - no reason for it's development. I'm very healthy and 36 yrs. old - no sign of this before. Very easy course of treatment:

1)Allegra 180 mg once a day - most important - this is the antihistimine best suited for this condition which is called dermatographism. Allegra is a long acting antihistimine - thus the reason for only taking 1 per day.

2)Hydroxyzine - dosing depends on your individual condition - dermatologist can help you determine how much to start with. This is a short-term, quick acting antihistimine. Take every 3-4 hours 4x a day. Discuss with dermatologist which dose to begin with.

3)Begin a urticarial elimination diet. Dermatologist can provide list.

The process begins with taking all medications for 1 month and eliminating the foods on the list. The second month includes beginning the elimination of the hydroxyzine and staying away from the foods on the list. 3rd month begins weaning off of Allergra - continued elimination of foods on list. After a month of no itching and not taking any medication - begin by adding foods on the list 1 by 1

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